BladeUPS Power System

The Powerware BladeUPS is a revolutionary power quality solution, expanding power protection from 12 kW to 60 kW in a single industry standard 19-inch rack, and most significantly, providing this robust, compact solution without generating the additional heat associated with legacy end-of-row, modular UPS products. The Powerware BladeUPS is designed to be the most flexible UPS on the market. It can be deployed in a number of configurations from a distributed architecture (one in every rack), to end of row (up to six units in a rack), to a central system (not on the IT floor, but in the electrical closet). In addition, the exceptionally high efficiency rating is not a large energy cost burden when installed inline with the output of a large, central UPS or in highly critical computing areas where dual UPS redundancy (2N) is required.


Features and Benefits

Grows with expanding IT applications using scalable architecture
Reduces operating expenses with more flexible, compact configuration options than traditional end-of-row solutions
Extends battery life and optimizes battery recharge time with Advanced Battery Management (ABM®) technology
Conserves valuable rack space with power-dense 6U form factor
Delivers the highest levels of reliability with patented Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology
Reduces single point of failure with an intelligent bypass design to eliminate human error
Simplifies service with hot-swappable battery and electronics modules

Powerware Blade UPS Datasheet

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