Powerware Rackmount Power Distribution Unit

With data center devices smaller than ever-often served by dual or triple power supplies-a single rack of equipment might produce 40 or more power cords to manage.

And although devices are shrinking, their power consumption is not. Yesterday's full rack of equipment averaged 5-8 kW of power. Blade servers will soon boost that power consumption up to 20 kW per rack. Traditional power strips just don't deliver enough power or flexibility.

Superior power quality depends on efficient power distribution.

Eaton provides a complete suite of rackmount products to help IT managers meet these power requirements. Our rackmount UPSs provide reliable, consistent power for a wide range of applications. Our new Powerware Rackmount Power Distribution Units (PDUs) complement your UPS systems, distributing power in high-density rack environments- or anywhere conditioned power must be distributed to multiple pieces of equipment. From a single power input, you can manage and distribute power to up to 12 output receptacles (NEMA or IEC type). Whether you're using a UPS from Powerware or another manufacturer, a Powerware PDU delivers the power throughout the rack simply and efficiently.

Features and Benefits

Complement to popular UPS solutions. With up to 12 output receptacles to distribute power within the rack environment, the Powerware PDU is compatible with most rackmount UPSs from Eaton and other manufacturers.
Use rack space efficiently. These PDUs can mount vertically in rack side pockets-or on a wall or floor-saving traditional 1U space for IT equipment. Since all input and output connections are on the same side, two PDUs can be mounted back to back in a single shelf-up to 24 output receptacles in 1U of rack space.
Wide choice of models. The Powerware PDU family includes models with a variety of power inputs and outputs to fit most power requirements. You can select from NEMA, IEC and hardwired inputs and NEMA- and IEC-type output receptacles (4 to 12 receptacles per PDU in various combinations).
Separate circuit breakers for outlet groups. Powerware PDUs offer individual circuit breakers to protect outlet groups, or "load segments." This approach increases overall availability by ensuring that an overloaded circuit does not affect other load segments. Circuit breakers have flat rockers to prevent accidental on/off operation.
Quick and easily installation. With pre-installed mounting brackets, the unit is immediately ready to install in the rack. There's no need to purchase additional mounting hardware or accessories. Optional recessed mounting is available to accommodate large input connectors. With standard 12-foot line cords, you have more choices in mounting locations than with the typical 8- or 10-foot cords.
Design for rugged, reliable performance. Powerware PDUs meet applicable industry standards for IT equipment safety: UL 60950, Safety of Information Technology Equipment including Electrical Business Equipment, 3rd Edition; CSA/cUL 60950; and EN 60950. An optional cable retention bracket prevents power cords from being accidentally disconnected. With visual indication of available incoming power and tripped circuits, you never have to guess the unit's operational state.
Standard two-year warranty. Powerware PDUs are covered by a two-year limited factory warranty from Eaton, the company Frost & Sullivan has named "Power Quality Company of the Year" for two years in a row (May 2005).
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