Power Distribution

|Power Distribution

Delivering flexibility and simplifying power quality and backup power management, our power distribution solutions enable you to easily deliver power from your ups power supply wherever you need it.

  • With data center devices smaller than ever-often served by dual or triple power supplies-a single rack of equipment might produce 40 or more power cords to manage.

    And although devices are shrinking, their power consumption is not. Yesterday's full rack of equipment averaged 5-8 kW of power. Blade servers will soon boost that power consumption up to 20 kW per rack. Traditional power strips just don't deliver enough power or flexibility.

    Eaton rack PDUs are distinguished for their quality, dependability and versatility. Eaton rackmount PDUs provide best-in-class power distribution, multiple technology options, an arrangement of outlets for every region, and the ability to manufacture custom PDUs.  Eaton G3 ePDU technologies comes in increasing levels of control:  Basic, Metered, and Managed.
  • Powerware Static Transfer Switches are designed to enhance our line of advanced backup power management solutions, adding an increased level of power quality, flexibility, availability and reliability to create the best ups power protection infrastructure.

    Powerware Type II Static Transfer Switch (STS) Powerware Type II STS transfer electrical loads from one source to another, but provides more power availability. The Type II STS eliminates the chance of a loss of power to critical loads by properly coordinating with the electrical distribution system. During a fault condition, the Type II STS will continue to conduct current, allowing downstream circuit breakers to work selectively.